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How step down transformers increase the efficiency of manufacturing process?

Step down transformersTransformers whose secondary voltage is less than its primary voltage are known as Step down transformers. In other words, the Step down transformers output voltage is smaller than the input voltage. These transformers have more turns of wire on the primary coil compared to the secondary coil which results in a smaller induced voltage in the secondary coil.

Indian Step down transformers are designed to reduce the voltage from the primary winding to the secondary winding, this process “steps down” the voltage applied to it. If the secondary coil has half as many turns of wire as that of the primary coil then the output voltage will half of the input voltage. However, decreasing the voltage does not decrease the power instead as the voltage goes down, the current peaks up.

Things that increase efficiency of machinery :

Step down transformers are built based on the principle of magnetic induction between coils to convert current levels and/or voltage. These are used to convert electrical voltage from one phase or level configuration mostly down to a lower level.

efficiencyStep down transformers are built using two or more coils made up of insulated wire, which are wound around a core made up of iron. When voltage is applied to the primary coil it magnetizes the iron core, which in turn induces a voltage in the secondary coil. The number of the turns of coil and the ratio between of the two coils determine the amount of voltage transformed.

The process to increase the efficiency of the step down transformers and to reduce the heat depends on the choice of metal type of the windings installed. Copper windings are much more efficient compared to aluminum and several other winding metals, but the only hurdle is that it is expensive. However, in the long run they save on the electrical cost and its efficiency makes up for the cost. 

Tips to increase industrial transformers selling in energy industries

Industrial TransformersThe capacity or rating of a transformer depends on several factors like temperature, current, voltage value etc. According to industrial transformers manufacturers in India, it is possible to increase overall operational efficiency and capacity of transformer by minimizing copper loss and iron loss. Also increase the cooling rate by controlling temperature up to optimum value. Transformers are able to tolerate variable short circuits and high temperature range by working on insulation factor.

Expert Industrial transformers manufacturers states that a physical large sized transformer can generate more heat due to oil contamination and increased area around it. Transformer should be operated at optimum value otherwise service life may reduce dramatically. Top industries always install larger transformer than required. In this way, it is possible to extend the transformer life and it also aids in excess heat removal.

Do you know how to calculate capacity of rating of a transformer?

It is simply done by multiplying current times the voltage. Physical compact transformers are rated as “volts times ampere” (VA). Transformers are designed for performing different operations and suitable for different applications. This is the reason Industrial transformers manufacturers assures custom solutions based on industry requirements. In case any transformer fails then whole plant has to suffer for at least next two years. Also they have to pay millions of dollars for installing new transformer at their plant.

rep-measureKeeping all these considerations into mind, maintenance of transformers is critical. Transformers should be closely monitored for different quality parameters time to time. Also check manufacturing defects if any. Special testing and maintenance program are held by Transformers manufacturers India time to time. These programs assure maximum operational efficiency and also reduce expensive repairs at the end.

To know more on custom solutions or testing and maintenance program, contact transformer manufacturers or industry experts right away.

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